Ep. 57: The People’s Tebow

What’s that you say… the People’s what? Well, you’ll just have to find out by listening to this podcast, where we review Pasing Helles Lager and Get the Gose on Berries from Devil’s Logic Brewing (Charlotte, NC), as well as The People’s Elbow Hazy IPA from New Sarum Brewing Co. (Salisbury, NC). Oh, whoops, just gave half of the title away! We also talk about a famous duck named “Long Boy” and why he may have gotten his name, the robots behind the CAPTCHA “prove you are not a robot”, Beer Slushies, and some very memorable prank calls. And was it really all that fun to “stay” at the YMCA like the song suggests? All this and more… tune in now!


Ep. 56: Fuzz Duster

FUZZDUSTER—What the heck!?! Listen now to learn how to make a FuzzDuster from Elysian Brewing Company (Seattle, WA) by blending their Space Dust IPA and Super Fuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale. We’re not joking with ya, it’s ahh-olee shitahhh—good stuff. We also delve into some serious subjects: Unfortunate city names, the origin of talking parrots, and why Fitty Cent said it was “her birthday” in the first place. This one’s a quickie, but much like in life, that can be a good thing?


Ep. 55: Flintstone Overdose

We’re back! And my-oh-my do we have some stories to tell. Sandwich pic texts? 1,000 year old eggs? Favorite candy? An overdose on Flintstone Vitamins? Let us just say, “Yes, yes, yes, and… yes!” We start this episode with our very own home-brewed Dry Irish Stout (which still needs a name), and also feature Soft and Sublime New England IPA from Wise Man Brewing (Winston-Salem, NC) and Wicked Hazy Juicy New England IPA from Samuel Adams Brewing (Boston, MA). We finish with another round of “Think Fast” and tons of laughs. You don’t want to miss this episode!


Ep. 54: Flocculating Bodhran

Our latest episode—just like a Trophy Husband—starts slow, works in a little foreplay, and finishes with a bang to leave you completely satisfied! We drank from flight glasses this time, featuring these North Carolina craft beers : Trophy Husband Witbier from Trophy Brewing Co. (Raleigh, NC), Road Hazard Hazy IPA from Crank Arm Brewing (Raleigh, NC) and Fire on the Mountain Jalepeño Amber Ale from Lost Province Brewing Company (Boone, NC). We play a great game, as well as our own versions of flutes and bohdrans. Laugh with us, drink with us, and have a good time!

Disclaimer: Apologies in advance if your name happens to be Erica!


Ep. 53: Sour Chocolate

Don’t let the name fool you—in this episode we sip on some sours and drink up some sweets, all while sharing some stories and lots of laughs. We review some tasty North Carolina craft beers: Carolina Cobbler Strawberry Rhubarb Berliner Weisse from Divine Barrel Brewing (Charlotte, NC), Beautiful Nonsense Triple Chocolate Imperial Stout from Flying Machine Brewing Co. (Wilmington, NC) and Industrial Lipstick Kettle Sour Ale from Resident Culture (Charlotte, NC). Tune in, listen up, and join us for another episode of beer and good times!


Ep. 52: Chicken Hanger

We’ve talked about it before, but in this episode we finally compare—wait for it—chicken sandwiches! That’s right, we compare “flagship” offerings from Chick-fil-A and PDQ. (Disclaimer: we couldn’t wait in a line wrapped around the building a few times for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.)

We feature some lovely New England-style brews in this episode: New Guy Hazy IPA from Big Boss Brewing (Raleigh, NC) and Lightning Drops IPA from Resident Culture (Charlotte, NC).

Mmm, that first bite from a chicken sammich…