Ep. 52: Chicken Hanger

We’ve talked about it before, but in this episode we finally compare—wait for it—chicken sandwiches! That’s right, we compare “flagship” offerings from Chick-fil-A and PDQ. (Disclaimer: we couldn’t wait in a line wrapped around the building a few times for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.)

We feature some lovely New England-style brews in this episode: New Guy Hazy IPA from Big Boss Brewing (Raleigh, NC) and Lightning Drops IPA from Resident Culture (Charlotte, NC).

Mmm, that first bite from a chicken sammich…


Ep. 51: The Bionic Elbow

Living “The American Dream” in the COVID era! We discuss some excellent beers from North Carolina craft breweries, as well as reminisce about some old-school wrastlin’ moves. The craft brews on this episode include Earthly Remains Saison from Trophy Brewing (Raleigh, NC), plus Diamond Dallas Lager and Two Dope Hops in a Cadillac NEIPA—two bangers from White Elephant Beer Company (Mt. Airy, NC). Despite your favorite finishing move, are you looking to get nice?


Ep. 50: Pinky Ring

Our 50th episode! In this golden podcast, we review some fantastic craft beers from North Carolina including Paloma Gose from Sycamore Brewing (Charlotte, NC), Hounds of Helles Munich-Style Lager from Boojum Brewing (Waynesville, NC) and Pinky Ring Bling Hazy IPA from Southern Range Brewing (Monroe, NC). We also talk botched beer buys, space selfies, rapper names, and more!


Ep. 48: Beer and Popcorn!

In this episode Popcorn Dave Sayre sent us a cornucopia of popcorn flavors to pair with three delicious beverages. We also test a new growler from Manna Hydration and talk about the ins and outs of curb side pick up. Beers featured in this episode: 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale from Sierra Nevada (Mills River, NC); Bestie Westie IPA from Blowing Rock Brewing (Blowing Rock/Hickory, NC); Sweater in a Can Vanilla Stout from Trophy Brewing (Raleigh, NC). Enjoy and stay safe out there!

Ep. 47: The IPA Episode

You asked for it so here it is!  In this episode we give thanks to the green goddess of hops who flavors one of our favorite styles of beer… the beloved IPA! We explore different styles of IPA’s found throughout this great land and sample three beers from our home state of North Carolina. Beers in this episode:  Pojo from Primal Brewery (Huntersville, NC), Tropical Lightning from Wilmington Brewing (Wilmington, NC), and Radio Haze from NoDa Brewing (Charlotte, NC). 

“C’mon White People” is back! And we discuss the possibility of getting together for a date at the grocery store. Don’t let a thin thing get in the way of listening to this episode!