Ep. 67: McNasty

Finally… let us welcome to the show our very special guest—the one, the only, Michael McNally—aka McNasty! Not only does he bring beer, but also some well-deserved trash-talk, and tons of laughs. What else could we have ever wanted?

We enjoyed three North Carolina craft beers: Sandiaca Gin Barrel-aged Sour with Watermelon and Basil from Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC), Pumpkin Latte Blonde from Sycamore Brewing (Charlotte, NC) and Reptar Juice New England IPA from Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company (Concord, NC).

Will Matt and McNally ever have a gauc-off? Will House of the Dragon be as good as the original Game of Thrones? (And will we ever be able to remember character names from any show?) Will Luke get some good advice for the next fantasy football draft? Tune in for all this and more on this fabulous, McNastified episode.

Ep. 66: Cold Torpedo

Hop Bombs Away! We’re exploring the “new” IPA style—the Cold IPA. And what better beer to start our journey than Sierra Nevada’s offering in this category, their Cold Torpedo IPA! We compare this to their O.G. Torpedo and were astounded at the differences.

And what else could make a cold torpedo? How about a hawk descending upon Luke’s pond to take his bullfrog out for a flight. (Either this is nature’s Uber or that poor guy was dinner for the little ones.) We also discuss the Netflix documentary Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 and get a little lesson in what causes Trench Mouth.

What if Shaggy was a baseball announcer? Who was Classy Freddie Blassie? And what books are the guys reading now? (You might be surprised!) All this and more on this episode!!!

Ep. 65: Happy Trails

HEY, HEY, HEY—Guess who’s back! The legendary Hootie Bowman is back on the mic and coming through in the clutch since Luke was unable to make this episode. And wouldn’t you know it, our substitute host is bringing his humor and charm as usual, despite not bringing any beers. Wait… is that even something we could ever let happen? Good thing Josh and Matt came through in the clutch as well, bringing craft beers from North and South Carolina: Peacemaker Juicy IPA from Lonerider Brewing (Raleigh, NC), Perch Strawberry Rhubarb Gose-Style Ale from Birds Fly South Ale Project (Greenville, SC) and Global Happiness Coffee Brown Ale from Heist Brewery (Charlotte, NC). Luke actually provided the Coffee beer, so we won’t tell him we drank it all if you won’t.

Think you know the history of a Gose beer? Matt drops some knowledge about gose-style beers, perhaps with a bit of B.S. added for good measure. And what professional sports personality would you bring to a fight? All this and more in this special episode!

Ep. 64: Candace

Candace beer get in our belly? Why yes, yes it can indeed. Straight outta H-town, we’re bringing it NKOTB style. Well, Luke is anyway, reflecting on his first ever big-boy concert. And, announcing like ahhh… an announcer? That’s right, we can’t get enough of the baseball calls and lingo. And oh, that Bobby Brown. We sip on craft beers such as Homestyle IPA from Bearded Iris Brewing (Nashville, TN) and Double Ice Cream Paint Job, a smoothie-style sour from Divine Barrel Brewing (Charlotte, NC). We also take a “water break” to enjoy a couple non-alcoholic craft-brewed hop tea seltzers from Hoplark (Boulder, CO). Lots of laughs in this one! Candace episode fit in your earhole? It better, or  you’re out—and that’s the ball game.

Ep. 63: Killshot

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK! After a 3-month hiatus, we’re back on the mics and making the most of it. We toast with two excellent craft beers from our glorious state of North Carolina: Vimana Kölsch from Flying Machine Brewing Company (Wilmington, NC) and Global Hawk Schwarzbier from Resident Culture (Charlotte, NC) in collaboration with Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, CA).

So grab your jai-alai scoop thingy and your badminton shuttlecock, and enjoy the ride. Cheers—and may the Schwarz be with you!

Ep. 62: A 3BD Christmas Number Three!

NERD ALERT! It’s a tradition like no other. And to keep our little Christmas tradition going, we welcome Mike “Chigger” Willard back to the podcast for another ugly sweater party! Chigger shared three delicious craft beers from Liquid Roots Brewing Project, just up the road in L.A. (For all you out-of-nc listeners, that’s the Lenoir Area of North Carolina!) The Liquid Roots brews we feature on this episode include Malfoy Blonde Ale, Ogre Nerd Saison and I Like to Play Hazy DIPA.

Get out your jingle bells and join us as we take it back—waaaaay back—to epic days of Christmas past and those long forgotten traditions, headless toys, and even those cute little California Raisins. Ho, ho, holiday cheers for everyone!