Ep. 70: Fighting Game

The new year brings tidings of fireside chats with… could it really be? Morgan Freeman! He starts us off with a quaint little poem written with ChatGPT. And what do you know, we get a great sonnet with iambic pentameter as well! All joking inline, we discuss the endless possibilities of chat bots as well as adding some great titles to your HBO watchlist. And speaking of video games—hint: listen to the podcast—Luke is all about sharing some nostalgia and tons of opening music.

But the beer, oh the beer! One home-brew, and two NC craft beers down… We “review” our very own home-brewed amber/brownish ale (yet to be named, but so far we’re running with Andy Dufresne), then on to more professionally brewed beers like Did It All for the Wookie Cold IPA from Divine Barrel Brewing (Charlotte, NC) and Cloudy Kingdom Double NE IPA from Royal Bliss Brewing (Denver, NC).

Have you ever thought you heard music from a fighting game? Well, in our case, every game “sounds” like a fighting game! Tune in now to see if you can guess which old-school Nintendo tunes Luke has us remembering, but not quite… umm… remembering. All this and more on this episode!

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