Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Have a question of your own? Feel free to send us an email and we’ll do our very best to reply with an answer!

How long have you been podcasting?

We’ve been at it since the summer of 2017. We have several casts that we’ve recorded and not published, so who knows—maybe sometime we’ll release some of those!

Do you ever podcast remotely or on-location?

Why, yes we do! Our equipment is totally mobile and we’ll be happy to podcast at your brewery or bottle shop. So far we’ve podcasted at Archetype Brewing in Asheville, NC, Blowing Rock Draft House in Hickory, NC and Lost Province Brewing in Boone, NC.

Will you review craft beers from outside of North Carolina?

Yes. We’ve done this a lot actually! We mostly feature NC beers, but are always happy to collaborate with breweries outside our home state and review any beers which come our way.

Will you review products or items other than beer?

Yes. We’ve done this too! We’ve had several other items besides beer on the show. Anything from coffee, to popcorn, to growlers—but we don’t stop there. Send us something from your company to feature on the podcast, and you’ll get in front of our listeners and viewers.

How can I send beer or other items to be featured on the show?

We love to receive your swag! Send us an email and we’ll reply with instructions on how to mail or setup a pickup time.

Do you honestly judge the brews you review on your podcast?

We always try to be honest with our thoughts about the beers we feature on the show. Just ask Josh about those sours! And those funky, cattish beers—we won’t hold back on those either.