Ep. 64: Candace

Candace beer get in our belly? Why yes, yes it can indeed. Straight outta H-town, we’re bringing it NKOTB style. Well, Luke is anyway, reflecting on his first ever big-boy concert. And, announcing like ahhh… an announcer? That’s right, we can’t get enough of the baseball calls and lingo. And oh, that Bobby Brown. We sip on craft beers such as Homestyle IPA from Bearded Iris Brewing (Nashville, TN) and Double Ice Cream Paint Job, a smoothie-style sour from Divine Barrel Brewing (Charlotte, NC). We also take a “water break” to enjoy a couple non-alcoholic craft-brewed hop tea seltzers from Hoplark (Boulder, CO). Lots of laughs in this one! Candace episode fit in your earhole? It better, or  you’re out—and that’s the ball game.

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