Ep. 72: Moose & Friends

On this episode of 3 Beers Down, we’re joined by Andrew Moose from the Hum outdoor music venue in Hickory, NC. We’ll be talking about the latest in craft beer, including hard seltzers from Thirsty Monk Brewpub and beer from Triple C Brewery.

Moose is the owner and operator of The Hum outdoor music venue in Hickory, North Carolina. He has been in the music industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge about craft beer.

Holy Water Hard Seltzer is a craft seltzer by Thirsty Monk Brewpub in Asheville, North Carolina. Their seltzers are brewed with fruit or other natural flavors. Holy Water’s seltzers are made with all-natural ingredients and are low in calories and sugar.

Triple C Brewery is a craft brewery located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They specialize in IPA’s, which are made with fresh, local ingredients and are known for their bold flavor. However, on this episode we enjoy a delicious pastry stout!

So sit back, relax, and crack open a cold one as we dive into the world of craft beer.


Ep. 71: Mythic Brewing

In this episode we dive into some tasty selections from Mythic Brewing out of Rocky Mount, NC. Since opening in 2018, they have put together a great selection of beers that are sure to appeal to all types of beer lovers! We run the full spectrum of flavors by sampling some of their best.

Beers featured in this episode: “Now That’s What I Call Hazy Vol. III”, “Five County Lager”, “Slushies (Blue Raspberry)” and “Dragon’s Smoke”


Ep. 70: Fighting Game

The new year brings tidings of fireside chats with… could it really be? Morgan Freeman! He starts us off with a quaint little poem written with ChatGPT. And what do you know, we get a great sonnet with iambic pentameter as well! All joking inline, we discuss the endless possibilities of chat bots as well as adding some great titles to your HBO watchlist. And speaking of video games—hint: listen to the podcast—Luke is all about sharing some nostalgia and tons of opening music.

But the beer, oh the beer! One home-brew, and two NC craft beers down… We “review” our very own home-brewed amber/brownish ale (yet to be named, but so far we’re running with Andy Dufresne), then on to more professionally brewed beers like Did It All for the Wookie Cold IPA from Divine Barrel Brewing (Charlotte, NC) and Cloudy Kingdom Double NE IPA from Royal Bliss Brewing (Denver, NC).

Have you ever thought you heard music from a fighting game? Well, in our case, every game “sounds” like a fighting game! Tune in now to see if you can guess which old-school Nintendo tunes Luke has us remembering, but not quite… umm… remembering. All this and more on this episode!

Ep. 69: A 3BD Christmas the Fourth!

It’s Christmas time, and do you know how we can tell? Willard is back! That’s right, for the 4th year in a row, we welcome back Michael “Chigger” Willard to the show. He’s wearing at least one (or three) ugly sweaters so he’s definitely prepared. And as in episodes past, he brings us tidings of beer!

Three excellent Alabama beers down… First up is Singularity Mosaic IPA from TrimTab Brewing (Birmingham, AL). Next is Devil’s Staircase IPA from Back Forty Beer Company (Birmingham, AL). And last but definitely not least, Hazy Snake IPA from Good People Brewing Company (Birmingham, AL).

It’s all IPA’s. It’s all FUN. It’s all… JERKY? It’s all we can do to not have a good time on this show! Tune into join the guys and be merry—murry!

Ep. 68: Fiery Phoenix

Going ALL the way back to the late 1900’s, we’ve been keeping it real. We aren’t from the Island of Misfit Toys, but sometimes we sure sound like we are. Join us as we ascend like a fiery phoenix from a dark, dark abyss—into podcast gold!

In this episode, we enjoy a flight of four awesome beers—Pilsner, Hefeweizen, IPA and Stout—from 1623 Brewing Company (Eldersburg, MD), along with Luchador Mexican Lager from Mason Jar Lager Co. (Fuquay-Varina, NC).

Josh plays host as Luke and Matt play a 3BD version of the “Newlywed Game” and we also answer these questions on everyone’s minds…

Is a futon a day bed or night bed?

Can Santa be a mean bastard?

Why is Luke still starting Russell Wilson in Fantasy Football?

What’s a Luchador?

All this and more, but only if you tune in. So get down like George Costanza, and listen to this episode!

Ep. 67: McNasty

Finally… let us welcome to the show our very special guest—the one, the only, Michael McNally—aka McNasty! Not only does he bring beer, but also some well-deserved trash-talk, and tons of laughs. What else could we have ever wanted?

We enjoyed three North Carolina craft beers: Sandiaca Gin Barrel-aged Sour with Watermelon and Basil from Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC), Pumpkin Latte Blonde from Sycamore Brewing (Charlotte, NC) and Reptar Juice New England IPA from Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company (Concord, NC).

Will Matt and McNally ever have a gauc-off? Will House of the Dragon be as good as the original Game of Thrones? (And will we ever be able to remember character names from any show?) Will Luke get some good advice for the next fantasy football draft? Tune in for all this and more on this fabulous, McNastified episode.