Ep. 69: A 3BD Christmas the Fourth!

It’s Christmas time, and do you know how we can tell? Willard is back! That’s right, for the 4th year in a row, we welcome back Michael “Chigger” Willard to the show. He’s wearing at least one (or three) ugly sweaters so he’s definitely prepared. And as in episodes past, he brings us tidings of beer!

Three excellent Alabama beers down… First up is Singularity Mosaic IPA from TrimTab Brewing (Birmingham, AL). Next is Devil’s Staircase IPA from Back Forty Beer Company (Birmingham, AL). And last but definitely not least, Hazy Snake IPA from Good People Brewing Company (Birmingham, AL).

It’s all IPA’s. It’s all FUN. It’s all… JERKY? It’s all we can do to not have a good time on this show! Tune into join the guys and be merry—murry!

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