Ep. 33: Winter is Coming

It’s Spring, but Winter is officially here! What’s that you say, we’re off our rockers? We may be, but in this case we’re talking Game of Thrones. This episode we discuss a little GOT and the upcoming final season with our old pal Jason Walsh while we sip on King in the North, a barrel-aged imperial stout by Brewery Ommegang hailing from Cooperstown, NY. We also sampled some great brews straight from Raleighwood by @brewerybhavana 




Test your skills in “Name of Thrones” trivia and see if you can do better than us! 




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Ep. 32: Blowing Rock

On location at Blowing Rock Draft House in Hickory, NC! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Rocky Justice, brewer at Blowing Rock Brewing Company (Blowing Rock and Hickory, NC) to talk craft beer, her start in brewing and lots more! We sampled 3 beers from this evolving North Carolina brewery:  Mountain Spring Juicy Hopped Blonde Ale, Carolina Light Ale, and their latest creation Cloud Rise Hazy IPA. Join us for this very special cast from the stage in the beer garden on the lower level of historic Hollar Mill!

Ep. 31: Airwolf

Back in the studio this episode, we review craft beers from both South Carolina and North Carolina:  World Court Mocha Blonde Stout by Legal Remedy Brewing Company (Rock Hill, SC), War Hawk American Pale Ale by Big Boss Brewing Company (Raleigh, NC) and Free Skate IPA by Resident Culture Brewing Company (Charlotte, NC). Also… How does your favorite beer make the “Best of Show”? What about that guy who wears the jersey with someone else’s name on it? And those 80’s movies (and TV shows) we loved as kids… what do we think of them now? All this and more for your listening pleasure!

Ep. 30: Archetype

For this special episode, we trekked westward to Asheville, NC and podcasted on-location at Archetype Brewing! We welcomed Steven Anon—Co-owner and Head Brewer of Archetype—to the cast to discuss their beer, brewing process, and new location in Downtown Asheville. We sample some of their delicious beers: Nameless Light Brett IPA, Devil’s Nest Belgian-style Tripel, and their award-winning Belgian Strong Ale, as well as their latest version of Belgian Strong Ale right from the bright tank! So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Special thanks to Steven, Sally, and the rest of the Archetype crew for hosting us at their brewery!

Ep. 29: Hands Off My Dunkel!

Get ready to hold on to that… Dunkel! We are pleased to present this episode featuring local NC and regional craft beers, including Kölsch by Blowing Rock Brewing Company (Blowing Rock and Hickory, NC), Dunkel by Yeehaw Brewing Company (Johnson City, TN) and Midnight Summit—a vanilla milk stout by Highland Brewing Company (Asheville, NC). So many great beers and so many laughs! Won’t you join us?

Ep. 28: Hijacked!!!

Hijacked!!! It’s a Ladies takeover! Since it’s the month of love and kindness, we decided to let our beautiful brides have a turn on the mics. Join Lauren, Katie and Mary Fran on a new twist of the podcast as they talk about Valentine’s Day, Southern drawls and other accents, husbands coaching sports, short shorts, and gender reveal lasagnas—seriously? They also “review” a craft beer from Tennessee called Neon Leon, a collaboration between Hap & Harry’s and Kings of Leon. 3 Broads Down? 3 Bras Off? This is crazy!!!

Ep. 27: Winky Ring

Winky Ring!?! We talk about Brut IPA’s—an emerging craft beer style—with examples from New Belgium Brewing, Hi-Wire Brewing, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company… all hailing from North Carolina! Our gracious friends at Archetype Brewing Company in Asheville, NC provide a fantastic coffee porter called Unruly Mistic for us to review on the show. And… corn syrup in beer? We discuss the recent TV ad from Budweiser accusing Miller and Coors of using corn syrup in their brew process and why that is bad. (or good?) Oh, and that winky ring… tune in to listen!!!

Ep. 26: Beer Run

B-double-E-double-R-U-N, beer run!!! Matt makes a special trip to Fonta Flora Brewery in Morganton, NC for a special beer release of a special beer. Now, isn’t that special! Listen in for the adventure, and our thoughts about Ya Ya Know Know, a Double India Kvass Ale (DIKA) from Fonta Flora in collaboration with The Veil Brewing Company from Richmond, VA. We also review Scoop the Core from Fonta Flora Brewery, as well as our very own home-brewed oatmeal stout we’ve deemed Ugly Sweater Oatmeal Stout. And if that isn’t enough to get your ears perked, how about that fecal oral?

Ep. 25: A 3BD Christmas

HO! HO! HO! Jingle the bells and ghost-ride a bicycle. It’s a 3BD Christmas, y’all! We welcome a very special guest, Mike Willard, an Alabama-native turned NC resident who brings three delicious AL craft beers to share! We enjoy Chugga Peach Cobbler Sour Ale from Ghost Train Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL;  IPA from Good People Brewing Company in Birmingham, AL; and The Mandarin Chief from Back Forty Beer Company in Gadsden, AL. We also discuss the controversial topic of digital begging. Murry Christmas, evurryone!

Ep. 24: This and That

THIS and THAT. We introduce a segment of questions from Josh and our listeners for some good beer culture conversation! For craft beer reviews, Matt brings back a special crowler of Fire Knife Double IPA from Makai Brewing Company in Ocean Isle Beach, NC; Luke brings a sessionable Porter called Sherpa from Blue Blaze Brewing Co. in Charlotte, NC. And wouldn’t you know it, there are still crazy caucasians out there… c’mon white people!